About us

Yuva International Short Film Festival

Yuva International Short Film Festival proves as a global platform for youngsters and film aspirants in colleges to showcase their talents and compete with other professionals of the same age group. YISFF provokes a sense of great responsibility by providing a fun-filled and exciting learning experience. Through YISFF, the participants will get a chance to explore and learn the art of filmmaking from industry stalwarts.

YISFF’s objective is to bring into the limelight the talents of burgeoning film aspirants and bestow them with an opportunity to present themselves in front of the world. We encourage the participants and serve as a bridge to exhibit their one-of-a-kind competence in our festival and to reach a greater range of audience.

I am taking pride in letting you know that, YISFF will also serve as a means to promote friendships and collaborations among fellow participants through healthy competition. As a token of appreciation and encouragement, YISFF will award the winners of the competition under various relevant categories selected by the jury panel from the industry and academia. YISFF is an inclusive event that values diversity. Films are accepted regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental challenges, ethnicity, and perspective.

Project Launch and Beyond

The Yuva International Short Film Festival (YISFF) serves as a dynamic global platform designed specifically for young aspiring filmmakers in colleges and universities, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their talents and skills while competing with others within their age group. YISFF stands out by offering participants a unique and exciting learning experience, one that is not only fun-filled but also laden with a great sense of responsibility.

Here are some key aspects of YISFF:

  1. Learning and Mentorship: YISFF offers participants the chance to delve into the world of filmmaking and gain hands-on experience. Through workshops, seminars, and interactions with industry experts, it provides a rich educational experience. Aspiring filmmakers can learn from seasoned professionals, which is an invaluable opportunity for their growth and development.

  2. Showcasing Emerging Talent: YISFF is dedicated to bringing budding talents in the film industry to the forefront. It provides a stage for young filmmakers to exhibit their creative prowess, allowing them to present their work to a global audience. This exposure is crucial for their recognition and future careers in filmmaking.

  3. Global Reach: YISFF’s mission is to present these emerging talents to the world. By participating in the festival, filmmakers can reach a broader and more diverse audience, both locally and internationally, helping them gain recognition on a global scale.

  4. Fostering Collaboration: YISFF promotes healthy competition among participants, encouraging them to not only showcase their individual talents but also collaborate with fellow filmmakers. This collaboration can lead to the creation of unique and innovative films, enriching the cinematic landscape.

  5. Recognition and Appreciation: YISFF acknowledges and celebrates outstanding talent by awarding winners in various categories. These awards are determined by a panel of esteemed professionals from both the film industry and academia, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation of the films.

  6. Inclusivity: YISFF is committed to diversity and inclusivity. It welcomes films from filmmakers of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental challenges, ethnicity, or perspective. This commitment to inclusivity fosters a rich tapestry of storytelling and creativity.

In conclusion, the Yuva International Short Film Festival (YISFF) is a platform that not only nurtures the creative aspirations of young filmmakers but also aims to make a positive impact on the global film community by promoting collaboration, diversity, and the art of storytelling. Through its various activities and initiatives, YISFF empowers the next generation of filmmakers to share their unique voices and perspectives with the world, ultimately contributing to the growth and enrichment of the film industry.